Frequently Asked Questions

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We provide face to face consultancy to train the necessary steps required in a hedging procedure.

After the Client has funded an account we take them through the setup of their platform if necessary. Our idea is to build awareness among commodity merchants with methods of flawless execution and market safety rules.

Clients make a deposit through a Bank wire or Existing Brokerage Account Transfer. Clients may withdraw funds by completing a withdrawal request form. We can send money via bank wire.

Clients will receive a username and password to access your account information and platform access. Statements are only generated when there is activity in the account and sent to the client email address. If clients you do not trade, they wont receive a statement for that day.

In the futures market, clients receive a more favorable margin requirement for trades that are not held overnight, called intraday margin. This is typically set to half of whatever given in exchange contract specification. Overnight margin is the required amount in your account per contract to hold positions overnight, (defined as holding a position when the market closes). This overnight margin requirement is set by the exchange and does fluctuate.

We are proud to offer CME, CBOT, Nymex, Nybot, Eurex, ICE, DME, SGX, NYSE Liffe and many others through our clearing relationships. Please contact us if you would like to trade additional markets on exchanges not listed on our website.

Given the client has all the required KYC documents available and the relevant account opening forms completed without any error. Your account shoulbe opened within 7 working days.

We are here to help in any way possible, except that we do not offer investment advice. We do work with many quality educators, industry professionals, and CTAs that are happy to help you with defining your trading methodology or investment choices.