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Chronos Futures Limited was founded to incubate some of the models for the sole purpose of managing funds of high net worth (HNW) or qualified eligible participant (QEP). The strategies are discretionary and quantitative by characteristics and manually executed that complements many other trading models out there by robustness. Inspired by RenTech’s rumoured focus on price curves and cycles, we initiated a blend of Machine learning and sentiment analysis to our models where context provides a strategic edge. Standing on the shoulder of giants, our story unfolds everyday with constant research to keep up with the ever-changing market regimes.

Currently we are only open to friends and family for manage accounts and not open for client investments.


Our investment style mainly focuses on commodities with greater than average weight on Energies or high beta Markets. The duration of our positions can extend from 4 days to 4 weeks.

Our Team

Golam Sakline

He is the director and the lead architect for strategies used at Chronos Futures. He is also the principal shareholder of Blue Birch Capital Advisors Limited, which offers advisory products for Equity Markets. Prior to owning his business he spent 7 years as a banker in the City of London working for LGIM, BNP Paribas, Schroders and Northern Trust. He holds a research masters degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Sussex UK, and is also an Associate at CISI.

Bruce Powers, CMT

He is an independent advisor to the firm with over 20 years of experience in the financial markets. Most recently he was President of WideVision, a financial technology and IT solutions provider and online publisher of the MarketsToday.net Middle East financial portal, where he also served as Chief Technical Analyst. Bruce is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and Co-chair and Co-founder of the Dubai Chapter of the Market Technicians Association. He holds an MBA in finance from the Eller College of Management, University of Arizona, U.S.A

Victor Francis

He is a manager at Chronos Futures for overall portfolios risk. He has 3 years experience in Market Surveillance and trading FX & Equities. Victor is based out of the UK.


Chronos Equinox is a Long Volatility strategy based on pattern recognition and quantitative sentiment analysis. It takes advantage of identifying inflection points in futures markets with a maximum of 5-10 signals per market per year where the trade duration can be from 5 hrs to about 15 days and risk per trade is limited to 2.5% - 3.5% of capital employed. The expected return can range between 20% to 25% annually on 15% Margin-to-Equity with a maximum drawdown threshold that remains limited to 15%. The execution methodology follows an accumulation phase over 2-3 days and a distribution phase layered with multiple exit thats fit with different risk criteria.

Chronos Solstice is a multi-factor bottom-up cross-sectional momentum blended with price inefficiency Alpha strategy which remains exposed to Equities with at least 75% of the portfolio and the remaining in Derivatives and Cash. The allocation methodology is weighted on breakout and breakdown of price factored by momentum ranking. The risk per trade is around 3.5% of capital employed. The expected return can range between 25-30% annually. The maximum drawdown threshold is limited to 10%.

Proprietary Capital traded from 06/17 to 05/18 Client Capital Traded from 06/18. For performance report please get in touch.


Chronos Futures Managed Account service is operated under LPOA through Regulated Brokers or Institutions.
The required minimum starting capital can be allocated to one or multiple strategies. The realised profits is distributed Quarterly.

Details of our preferred benchmark can be found here.
Chronos Futures preferred FCM is Interactive Brokers to access ICE and CME futures.


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